Church Timings

   Evening Prayer  - 6:00PM
   Morning Prayer - 7:30AM
   Holy Qurbono   - 8:45AM



From the very first beginning of  church, the founders gave paramount importance for the divine welfare of  its children. For this they formed ‘MOR IGNATIUS SUNDAY SCHOOL’ to keep their children in true faith. This sunday school is an integral part of  Malankara Jacobite Syrian Sunday School which was formed in 1973.It functions on the basis of  the rules of M.J.S.S.A and conducts seminars for the  moral upliftment of  the students and teachers. The Sunday School starts on every Sunday after the Holy Qurbono,besides this the children get an opportunity to develop Syriac language and they are also trained in music and public speaking. They also conduct J.S.V.B.S during the summer holydays.
Sunday school students also actively participate in the arts competition held in the district, diocese and make their presence by winning almost all competitions.


Mor Ignatius Youth Association is an integral part of the church. It plays a dominant role in all activities of the church.It plays a dominant role in all activities of  the church. During the late 1950’s the youngsters felt a need to form an organisation of themselves through which they can actively participate in the functioning of the church. As a result, a public meeting of the church was convened in 1959. The decision to form ‘Mor Ignatius Youth Associaton’ was made and on December 25th 1951 the organization was formed.
The youngsters of the church are very intersted  in divine ctivities. In 2002, a directory of the church was published under the leadership of  the youth. In 2003,the youth Association honoured all the members of the church above 80 years old and on this occation they conducted a program named X’MAS NITE. In the succeeding years they conducted another programme named ‘WELCOME 2005’ and  on this occaton the youth association honoured all the couples who had completed their Golden Jubilee of their married life.They also lead the choir group of the church named ‘MOR IGNATIUS VOICE’. They also engage in social activities like providing food to the hospitals,helping the poor in constructing the houses.They often pay visits and offer  financial help to orphanages. In December 2008 they conducted a marvellous programme named ‘DANAHA 2008’. The programme was a great success under the august presence of famous child artist Sonu & Monu, and they selected the lucky couple of the church.
Prakkanam Mor Ignatius Youth Association is one of the best Youth Association of Thumpamon Diocese.

Martha Mariam Samajam

The Martha Mariam Women’s League of Prakkanam Mor Ignatios Jacobite Syrian Christian Church function as a unit of the Malankara Martha Mariam Women’s League. As part of our activities, on Fridays, we conduct prayer meetings under the guidance of the priests.

Prayer Meetings

On Sundays, we conduct prayer meetings under the leadership of the priests in one of the parishioners’ house which is attended by the whole parish.

We, the parishioners and the priest, wholeheartedly work for the welfare and well-being of the parish.